The struggle with Maskne

A side effect of MASK WEARING can be that you may develop skin conditions such as Perioral Dermatitis (rashes / dermatitis around the mouth), Acne, Miliaria (heat / sweat rash) and general redness and irritation. It can also exacerbate conditions such as Rosacea.

Moisture and saliva or mucous is trapped behind the mask which can cause irritation of the skin and upset the skin microbiome / acid mantle (it’s natural balance). Changes in climate / humidity can trigger dermatitis in those especially who may be predisposed to developing dermatitis / eczema.
For comparison. Think of nappy rash. Nappy rash occurs mostly due to a build up of moisture and bacteria sitting against the skin for too long – it’s trapped between the nappy and the skin. This is another reason why you should change your mask regularly.

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO to help your skin if it is irritated my mask wearing?

1. You can start by regularly changing your mask if you’re wearing them for long periods, and make sure the mask is 100% cotton if wearing a cloth mask, because it’s going to be less irritating and more breathable.

2. Only wear your mask when necessary, take it off as soon as you can.

3. Start using gentle facial CLEANSER and a gentle EXFOLIANT (unless your skin is super inflamed then skip the exfoliant) to help remove any build up of dead skin cells, excess sebum (oil) and bacteria.

4. Make sure you’re using a gentle moisturiser after cleansing and toning morning and night. Especially in the morning as it can help with any friction related skin issues. It might even be a good idea to use a balancing type of moisturiser – depending on your skin issue. Always check with your therapist.
For sensitive skin I suggest my CALM moisturiser, for skin balancing try my BALANCE moisturiser.

5. Skip the makeup – no-one can see it anyway and it’s just going to add to the irritation.

6. Change your pillowcase regularly – it’s a breeding ground for bacteria! Wash them with hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

If conditions persist, be sure to see your local skin therapist, or doctor.

Love your skin! – Neen x

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