Purifying Toner


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Mildly astringent toner combines the triple action of Lavender to soothe, purify and protect. Its natural anti-bacterial benefits leave skin feeling toned, fresh and hydrated.

Skin Type / Condition: 

Oily, acne or breakout prone skin.


Soothes and freshens the skin. Natural Witch Hazel has a mild astringent action toning the skin. Leaves an anti-bacterial film on the skin.

Key ingredients:
Aloe Vera Juice intensively hydrates the skin with moisture, softens and soothes any sensitivity whilst healing the skin at the epithelial level.
Lavender with its multi-purpose benefits is ideal for calming inflamed breakouts, and gives highly anti-septic properties for fighting the bacteria which can lead to breakouts.
Witch Hazel – imparts a refreshing, mildly astringent quality.

Size: 50ml / 200ml

Purifying Toner
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