Ice-Tone Leg Gel


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A refreshing gel to cool tired, aching and restless legs as well as offering skin firming benefits.
The cooling formula is enriched with a refreshing complex to instantly envelop legs and thighs with an iced effect.
The blend has a cooling and calming effect allowing discomfort and heaviness to be dissipated.leaving the legs feeling lighter and re-energised.
The intense cooling action also firms body tissues giving a smooth contoured appearance.

Skin type/condition:
Suitable for those experiencing hot aching feet, swollen ankles and legs, those who stand for long period for time. Or those with loose skin tissue or loss of firmness on areas such as the triceps, abdomen or legs


The cooling and calming sensation dissipates heaviness and discomfort in the legs. An icy feel to this minty formula lends itself to a firming toning sensation.
Instantly cooling and refreshing to hot, aching feet and legs.

Key Ingredients: 
  • Menthol triggers the cold receptors in the skin provoking a cooling sensation when applied topically.
  • The cooling and refreshing effects of peppermint reduce heat, redness and clams irritation.
  • Allantoin offers anti-irritant properties while soothing and smoothing the skin.
Size: 120ml
Ice-Tone Leg Gel


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