Goats Milk, Orange & Poppy Seed


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Handcrafted cold processed soap.

Made with creamy Goats Milk, Sweet Orange Essential Oil & Poppy Seed, this magnificent smelling soap is the gentle way to exfoliate your skin.
Moisturizing and nourishing, goats milk also contains lactic acid which helps keep skin smooth by naturally exfoliating skin. It also contains vitamins A, D and B6.
Olive oil is cleansing and moisturizing on the skin and imparts a gentle creamy lather.
Rice Bran Oil is full of antioxidants, gentle and moisturizing.
Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, cleansing and gives a beautiful lather in soap.

All soaps sold at Aroma Skin are free from artificial fragrances and colours. We use only the most pure essential oils, botanicals and vegetables to create beautiful all natural, hand made small batch soap.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive, Rice Bran, Sunflower & Coconut Oil, Goats Milk, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Poppy Seeds, Orange Peel Powder, Calendula Flowers.

140g when packed.

*Due to this soap being handcrafted, no two batches are the same, so the soap may differ slightly to the display image.
Please keep soap dry between usage. This will give you a longer lasting bar and stop it from becoming soft. I like to use a slatted shower caddy, or slatted sop dish.

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