Gemstone Aroma Bombs


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Aroma Skin natural bath bombs are back!

(for a limited time only)

Soak your cares away with this beautifully scented, all natural vegan bath bomb.

Scented with my calming essential oil blend and topped with botanicals and a gorgeous gemstone.
You don’t get to choose them gemstone, it chooses you!

Your bomb will be randomly selected and will contain one of the following gemstones –
Black Tourmaline
Moss Agate
Rose Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian

My Aroma Bomb range are naturally scented using botanicals and essential oils.
It you prefer a milder scent to your bombs, check out my Tea Bomb range.

If you love this scent, be sure to check out my “calm balm” as it is the same delicious blend used in both.
Also for the big bath bomb fan, why not gift them a “bombs away” bath balm box? It contains 5 bath bombs (1 gemstone bomb and a mix of aroma / tea bombs)






Gemstone Aroma Bombs