Exfoliating Mousse


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A creamy mousse exfoliant effectively sloughs away dull surface skin revealing a smoother, softer skin. With a foaming action to cleanse and enriched with natural essential oils to detoxinate and tone.

Skin Type / Condition: 

All skin types, especially dull, dry, uneven tone, coarse or dehydrated.

(Avoid if using prescribed medication with exfoliating action such as Roaccutane)


Sloughs away dull surface skin encouraging cell renewal and softer, smoother skin. Cleanses and exfoliates leaving skin fresh and hydrated. Gently stimulates circulation promoting the detoxification process with pure essential oils.

Key Ingredients: 
  • Poppy seed gives an abrasive but gentle action on the skin.
  • Sea salt physically removes dull, dry skin.
  • Black pine helps invigorate the circulation.


Size: 180gm
Exfoliating Mousse


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