Coconut Stain Stick


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    This powerful stain fighting superhero made of organic coconut oil and organic coconut water contains no harsh chemicals and helps fight laundry stains naturally.

    To use, simply wet the area and rub the stain stick in by rubbing the fabric together or using a small nail brush, then throw in the wash immediately.

    I have also threaded some twine through the soap so that they can be hung off the tap and can dry between use, and not leave residue on your bench/sink, and they are just the right size to hold in your hand.

    The person who takes care of laundry in your household is going to LOVE these!
    Choose from Original or Eucalyptus for that extra kick!

    Ingredients Original: organic coconut oil, organic coconut water
    Ingredients Eucalyptus: organic coconut oil, organic coconut water, eucalyptus essential oil


    Please colour test on delicate fabrics and pink or red clothing.

    Being a beauty therapist I also want you to look after your skin, and 100% coconut oil is very drying, so please use gloves or moisturise hands after using the soap.

    coconut stain stick
    Coconut Stain Stick