Clearing Aromatic Serum No. 3


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An aromatic treatment serum to help re-balance an oily skin with anti-bacterial properties and help reduce breakouts.

Skin Type / Condition: 

Oily, acne and breakout prone skin.


Expertly hand blended aromatic oils assist in regulating skins oil secretion creating a more balanced complexion. Anti-septic Sandalwood and Lavender help reduce skin breakouts. Easily absorbed into the skin without any after feel.

Key ingredients:

  • Madagascan Ylang Ylang regulates and normalises sebecous activity creating a more balanced complexion whilst potent anti-inflammatory actions reduce breakout redness.
  • Cedarwood offers highly anti-septic properties whilst improving the mindset by offering support and strength in times of low mood.
  • Lemongrass – cleanses the follicle and imparts astringent properties.
  • Lavender – helps reduce skin breakouts with its anti-septic and anti-inflammatory action

Due to the high concentration of essential oils, this product is not recommended to be used at any stage of pregnancy. During second and third trimester of pregnancy instead use Soothing Aromatic Serum

Size: 25ml

Clearing Aromatic Serum No. 3


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