Hypersensitive / Reddened Skin

Ultra Soothing Solutions for Sensitive Skin.

The Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing product range provides the perfect solution for those with sensitive, hypersensitive, reactive, reddened, impaired or eczema skin with expertly blended formulations utilising the very best botanical essences.

The uncomplicated range consists of 3 highly effective products to reduce redness, sooth irritation and strengthen the skins impaired barrier:

Ultra Soothing cleanser – Gently cleanses as it nourishes and calms ultra dry or irritated skins and can be used as a mini masque for times when the skin flares up.

Ultra Soothing Toner – Is an amazing formulation packed with potent anti-inflammatory Horse chestnut to strengthen capillaries and Linden Blossom to reduce redness and calm irritation.

Ultra Soothing Moisture Cream – Anti-inflammatory plants extracts of Borage Seed and Comfrey to calm red, reactive skin while providing a protective barrier to help restore and strengthen the skins barrier function.