Mask It Up!

Let’s talk MASKING!

No, not the superhero variety (although I have been watching Titans on Netflix and I am LOVING IT!)
No, I am actually talking about Face Masks!

How many of you actually treat your skin to a good face mask regularly, or once in a while?

Or perhaps you never use them?
Let me see if I can change your mind.
The benefits of masking are countless!
They make YOU FEEL good.
They make YOUR SKIN feel good.
They are a vehicle 🏎 to help deliver beneficial or “active” ingredients into the skin to improve the skins appearance or quality of the skin.
They can exfoliate! Don’t even get me started on how important exfoliation is! (I will just go on, and on!)
They can plump and hydrate, soothe and moisturize, cleanse, balance and purify and not only that, they are FUN!
They are also relaxing! The simple act of taking 10 minutes of your day to apply a good quality face mask with a quality face brush is a great stress reliever!

But which mask to use?
Well that depends on what it is exactly that you are trying to achieve.
Take my Botanical Face Masks for example.

For mature/prematurely aged/dull/polluted skin (live in the city? That’s probably you!)
My ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFOOD MASK is your new best friend.
Antioxidants are possibly the best protection our skin has to fight those nasty free radicals that scavenge our skin and cause those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, and this mask is FULL of them.( It couldn’t be higher in natural antioxidants if it tried!)
Pollution is the oxygen thief that makes our skin appear dull and saggy. Antioxidants LOVE free radicals. They are like little our little skin cell crime fighters that protect our cells so that those pesky free radicals can’t do so much damage.
(I guess this post might be about THAT kind of masking after all! HA!)
This mask also smoothes and brightens the skin like you wouldn’t believe and is great for exfoliating when gently massaged into the skin.
Mask once or twice per week.

For barrier impaired skin/reddened skin/sensitive skin/dry skin my SOOTHE mask is full of soothing botanicals to help draw moisture to the skin and help calm reactive skin. It contains colloidal oatmeal to help repair and moisturize. Oatmeal is gentle and full of amino acids to help with imperfections and skin tone, it is also a humectant – meaning that it helps draw moisture to the skin, which is exactly what dry, barrier impaired skin needs to help with repair. Chamomile and Calendula don’t need much of an introduction, such powerful botanicals, yet extremely gentle at the same time. GREAT for sensitive skins.
Mask once or twice per week.

For oil/combination skin then MINERAL COMPLEX is your jam! (Or clay)
Containing Rhassoul, Kaolin, Zeolite, Green Tea, White Willow Bark and Charcoal, this earthy mix contains all the right ingredients to help balance oil production, soothe and unclog pores.
If you have oily skin, then go right ahead and cover your face with it!
But….COMBINATION SKIN can be dry AND oily!
The best way to treat it is to find a super duo!
MINERAL COMPLEX only on the oily areas (generally the T-Zone) and then SOOTHE on the rest of your face OR the SUPERFOOD – depending on your skins condition.
Mask once per week.

And please DON’T FORGET to treat your NECK and DECOLLETAGE!
Otherwise your face will look 20 and your neck will look 60!
It’s often overlooked, but it needs hydrating/toning too.
Our decolletage tends to suffer because that’s where we spray our perfume – which is normally full of alcohol and dries that area out. Or it cops the sun, because we forget to PUT SUNSCREEN ON. (I’ll leave that post for another day! )

Of course it should go without saying that after you remove your mask, you should follow up with toning, a serum and moisturizer (and sunscreen in the day) OR AT THE VERY LEAST a moisturizer. Especially if you have oily skin – if you keep using clay masks for example and do not follow up with extra hydration, you might cause more oil balancing issues.

My TOP TIPS for masking at home.

1.Start with cleansed skin
2. Apply before hopping in the shower. The steam from the water will help open pores, help with product penetration and keep the mask from drying out too much.
3. If you don’t apply before showering, apply a warm towel/cloth to your face for a few minutes to help open pores, and then apply your mask.
4. Remove with hot towels – OMG best feeling ever!
(Run your towel under the tap, then wring it out so that it’s just slightly damp. Throw it in a dish or on a plate and microwave for 20 seconds. If it feels too hot, give it a shake to remove excess heat)
Lay the towel on your face for a moment, for an easier mask removal.

And there you have it!
Do yourself a favour and find 10 minutes in your day, once or twice a week to look after your skin and take a little “me” time.
I think you deserve it. Don’t you?

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