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Rosacea (pronounced ‘Row-say-sha’) is a skin condition affecting millions of men and women throughout the world. For years very little was known about rosacea and was mistakenly considered as a form of acne and given the name ‘acne rosacea’. It is only now, years later, that research has shown that it is not a form of acne whatsoever.

Rosacea is actually a progressive vascular disorder which has 4 very strong characteristics: reddening of the skin or a blushing effect, red bumps (papules), red skin blemished with whiteheads (pustules) and dilated blood vessels on the face (telangiectasia).


These characteristics usually affect the face only, but in rare cases can affect the neck chest and scalp. In men, if the condition becomes severe it can progress into a condition called phymatous rosacea where the skin thickens in the nose and swells and becomes bulbous (rhinophyma).

Rosacea affects all ethnicities but more often in Caucasians of European descent. This led to the nickname “The curse of the Celts” by people from UK and Ireland where It mainly affects women but often presents more severe cases in men.

Although the cause of rosacea is unknown, there are many well-known factors which can trigger the condition to flare up on the skin. These include:



Extreme temperatures



Spicy food

Acidic fruit and vegetables

Sun exposure/UV exposure


Dairy products






Cold weather

Cosmetic products


There are many other triggers which can cause rosacea to flare up but can be highly individual with triggers differing from person to person.

Most people who suffer with rosacea only have mild symptoms and are never formally diagnosed with the condition.


Rosacea impacts people in different ways and can cause embarrassment, unhappiness, low self-esteem and withdrawal from social relationships. If you suspect you have rosacea then it is advisable to visit your GP to have the condition confirmed by them.

Where there is no known cure for rosacea there are many options to treat rosacea and improve it.


Firstly keeping a ‘blushing diary’ will allow the assessment of potential triggers, noting down foods eaten throughout day, activities done and the times when the blushing and reddening becomes more apparent. Cross-referencing the diary with times of flare ups will give an idea of the triggers to the condition.


Once the triggers have been identified then lifestyle adjustments need to be considered. For example, if eating certain foods causes flare ups then the decision has to be made whether eating them is worth the effects.

Body massage is a highly valuable tool to improving rosacea as it can be flared up by stress. As we know massage is well-known for its relaxing and de-stressing benefits and for many just massage alone can reduce the tension in the body and the redness too.

The following Aroma Skin products are the perfect solution for rosacea skin and offer a variety of soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce redness in the skin.

Skin Milk

My milky cleanser gently cleanses as it nourishes and calms ultra dry or irritated skin.

Skin Tonic is an amazing antioxidant packed formulation to help hydrate and restore the skins pH balance.

Calm Moisturiser is packed with calming and strengthening ingredients including Mangosteen, Rice Protein and Vitamin A & E infused Wheatgrass to assist with barrier repair.

Skin Elixir is a fantastic addition to your calming regime. This powerful synergy of plant oils contains 22 high quality highly active botanicals, including 12 super seed oils hand blended to deliver powerful nutrients into your skin.
May help reduce redness and smooth the appearance of fine lines and help tired, stressed skin.

Soothe Botanical Face Mask  is one of the best products available for treating rosacea skin. Made with key ingredients of  Colloidal Oatmeal, Chamomile, Calendula and Marshmallow Root,  this wonder-masque imparts lipids to repair the skin’s barrier function, proteins to reduce roughness and Beta-glucan a rich source of avenanthramides which provide outstanding anti-redness properties and is perfect for any inflamed skin condition.

By combining my knowledge in esthetics coupled with effective treatment products and home care, I can really help you see dramatic improvements to both your skin condition and self esteem.

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