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That Winter Itch!

                  Have you noticed your skin seems extra itchy at the moment? Particularly the legs? Then read on….. It’s that time of year again. Winter. Cold winds, those reverse cycle air conditioners blasting out the heat, you’re inside, then outside, hot and cold, hot and cold. It’s […]

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In The Red: The Truth About Rosacea

                      Rosacea (pronounced ‘Row-say-sha’) is a skin condition affecting millions of men and women throughout the world. For years very little was known about rosacea and was mistakenly considered as a form of acne and given the name ‘acne rosacea’. It is only now, years […]

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Problem Skin?

                        There are many things that negatively impact your skins appearance, but there are ways you can overcome these or at least get them under control. Here are a few things that might be causing you some issues. SMOKING – causes fine lines and […]

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