Thank you for visiting Aroma Skin!

My name is Janine (aka NEEN) and I am  Beauty Therapist by trade, who is passionate about all things skin!

All products used by me during treatments and sold here at Aroma Skin are cruelty free and natural based.
I am very results driven when it comes to skin care which is why I choose to use and sell Eve Taylor products.
Eve is the pioneer of Aromatherapy based Cosmeceutical skin care.
Science and nature come together to deliver fantastic results and once you start using these products, you will never look back!
For help choosing products for your skin type and a free online skin analysis, please feel free to contact me here on the website or over on the Facebook page.

When choosing products for my store and client treatments it was important to me that all of the products and their ingredients that were sourced were cruelty free. So I can assure you that all of the products sold here at Aroma Skin did not involve the harming of any animals and all ingredients are ethically sourced.

All of our From Earth products are natural & organic and handmade right here in Australia. They are absolutely divine in scent, texture and looks, and in the case of the lip scrubs, even edible!
The Aroma Skin bath and body range is made right here in Australia using only the best natural and organic ingredients and handmade with lots of love by me!

Happy shopping and love the skin you’re in! – Neen xx